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Having specilized in mechanical conveyor systems products for more than 10 years,Jinhua Gold Camel Industrial Co.,Ltd has became an experienced and professional supplier in this field.In the year of 2009,to seize more progressive development,Gold Camel got combined with Zhejiang Three-V Industry Group,which is a key Conveyor System & Rubber products manufacturer of about 20 years history in China.
Our products are designed and produced under ISO9001 system and strict quality control,which covers various kinds of Conveying System and Fittings, especially Rollers & Pulleys,Chains&Sprockets, Rubber Conveyor Belts, V-belts,Timing Belts,Flat Transmission Belts,Fasteners and Clamps; Elevator & Fittings,specially HDPE/Metal Bucket,Screw Flights,Crusher Machines and Fittings,ect.We are committed to high quality and customer¡¯s satisfaction. This commitment is rooted in everyone of our company and special programs are set up to achieve our goals. Supplier Profile Tool is adopted to help our suppliers to keep the same high standards of ours.....

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