Impact Bar

Impact bar is used in the loading area of the belt conveyor to replace the traditional cushion rollers.
It’s designed to absorb impact loading which will dramatically reduce shock and stress loading to the structure.
This results in less wear and tear on your conveyor system,
dramatically improves the efficiency and reduces the maintenance cost.
1. Avoids the damage to the belt through the contact between the bar and surface of belt.
2. The conveyor belt is stressed evenly in the loading area, which will reduce the daily maintenance cost.
  It effectively eliminates the spillage or scattering of the material caused by inequality of the stress on the belt.
3. The UHMW polyethylene surface has outstanding sliding properties,
  to reduce the frictional resistance to the minimum.
4. Ultra elastic rubber absorbs the impact in the maximum.
5. Each part of the impact bar is closely jointed by hot vulcanization.
6.“T-track” fastening device has different tightening points along the bar and
  make the joining strong and reliable, easy to install and remove.
Technical Data
Item Index
Normal High Elastic (H) Flame Retardant (S)
Rubber Hardness (Shore A) 60±5 50±5 60±5
UHMWPE Color Blue Blue Brown
Coefficient of Surface Friction for UHMWPE 0.07 0.07 0.1
Surface Resistivity (Ω) 3.0 x 108
Flame Resistance Ability (Combustion by Alcohol Burner) Average test time by flame combustion 6s
Adhesion (N/mm) Rubber & UHMWPE: 6.0
Rubber & "T-Slot" extruded metal construction: 6.0
Note: Flame Retardant Impact Bar--With quality approval on the “Flame Resistant and Anti-Static"
            ability for Underground Coal Mine Industry,
            and got "Certificate of Qualified Products" issued by
            "China National Inspection & Supervision Center of Coal Mine Equipment".

Type A (mm) B (mm) H (mm) UHMWPE Thickness H2 (mm)
A Type Impact Bar 600 100 50, 75, 100 12.7, 15(Flame Retardant Bar)
B Type Impact Bar B1220
Note: Other dimensions in the diagram are respectively: C=36mm; D=17.5mm; H1=15mm.
    Customized sizes are available on request.
Square Head Hold Down Bolts:(Fixed Bolts)
M16 Bolt +φ16 Flat Washer+M16 Inserted Hexagonal Nut to suit above Type A Impact Bars. (M16 x 40s/60s)

Fixed Bolt Type A: A=34mm; B=8mm; M=16mm; L=40/50/60mm, L1=32/42/52mm.
Note: Nolt size can be customized to suit individual applications.

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