BMF Fastener

Size:B24 minet c/w spindle 610mm c/w 66pcs Cu-alloy Nalls-(11Seg.) & box size 65*65*650mm
Size:B30 minet c/w spindle 760mm c/w 84pcs Cu-alloy Nalls-(14Seg.) & box size 65*65*800mm
Size:B36 minet c/w spindle 915mm c/w 102pcs Cu-alloy Nalls-(17Seg.) & box size 65*65*950mm

a. Extra 5 pcs Cu-alloy nails per box will be packed separately in 100pcs/bag. b. White cardboard box maked B24, B30&B35 respectively. c. Packing for nails will be use thicker pvc Bags. d. Sea worthy export wooden crate, nd PVC Sheet for internal water proofing c/w steel strapped. e. Material Specs: BMF Plates=GB No.10(equiv C1008), c/w Bright Zinc plating 4 micron; Spindle made of G1(1*19) 1wrc c/w PVC sleeve, OD6.6~D6.7mm.
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